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DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL the keep notes, save notes taking app on your android mobile or tablet device. It is available on google play store.

  1. A simple to use android mobile App for keeping notes.
  2. You can easily create and save your notes.
  3. You can update your notes easily.
  4. You can easily find saved notes by using search text.
  5. You can easily filter notes by category.
  6. You can use speech to text function to make it fast and easy to record notes.
  7. You can sort your notes to make it easy for retrieving.
  8. You can customize the app look by using the settings options provided.
  9. You can remove unwanted notes easily using different options provided.

This App is delevoped for android users of mobile and Tablet devices that uses android operating systems of android 9 (API level 28) and higher.

You can get it completely FREE of charge on your mobile or tablet device direct by DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING it as it is available on google play store.

With this App you can simply create categorized notes, make quick search of your saved notes, make quick filtering of your notes by category, make sorting of your notes by dates created or by their titles in ascending order or descending order for quick references.

keep notes App is a totally free notepad note-taking App for any user to type and save notes in rich text format.

keep notes App allow users to keep notes in different categories like business, health, shopping, and many others for better organization of notes list.

With keep notes you can use speech to text function (by simply clicking on the mic icon and speaking instead of typing text) provided in the app to create notes easily and fast.

With keep notes App you can type and save new notes in text format even if you are not connected to internet because this app is standalone and totally free to use for any user who can read and write. So, once you download and install it in your mobile or tablet you can simply create a new note and categorize it the way you want.

keep notes application is very user friendly as it has got many functions to help simplify the user work, to reduce boredom, and to save user time. The functions incorporated in this applications include the followings:-

• Searching

The keep notes app has a search function that lets user type all


part of note tittle, number, category, or details and the application will process the query and provide the list of relevant notes if available.

This help user to quickly reference their saved notes for deletion, updates, or just retrieving.

• Sorting

The sorting function arrange the notes list in different ways in ascending or descending order such as dates notes last saved, notes identification numbers, and notes tittles.

This function helps in better arrangement of notes and hence quick references of different notes.

• Filtering

Filtering of notes by categories allow the user of this application to extract only similar notes together. For example the user may choose to view only shopping category notes and do some work on those filtered category notes like sorting, deletions, and updates.

The keep notes app has got some nice features to help improve its appearance, usability, and performance. These features includes the followings:-

• Appearance

The keep notes application has greate look where all notes of same category have same look of same colored icon and label so that the user can quickly identify what the note is about. This feature helps to organize the notes list in a systematic and good looking way.

• Usability

The keep notes application has a good help instructions that guide the user on how to start and what to do when he or she get confused with the application usage.

In addition the user can keep long rich text notes, can easily delete notes by category or all categories at once, can share notes with other apps like e-mails, can simply disable editing when reading and scrolling long texts to avoid disturbances, can easily update notes changes using update icon at any time when typing the notes.

• Performance

This application is fast to respond as it does not require internet connectivity to search for your queries. Everything is kept on your device as the application is standalone, meaning that the front-end user interface application and the database to store your notes data are all installed on your device. For this reason, once you open the app and create the new notes or update the existing notes, the changes are reflecting instantly and everything will be available to you immediately all the time and completely free of charge.

This keep notes app is the third version to be released and is totally free for any user who can read and write English language. The application is written in English language to cover a wide geographic regions as English is the most language used for communication worldwide.

For any technical assistance regarding this application bugs, usages, or any modifications please contact the keep notes app developer,

Moses Kephas Masanja, with e-mail: